Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today's workout

My busted but trusted trainers. Shoes: Pearl Izumi

I'm all coffe'ed up, (isn't that how you're supposed to get thru your workouts?) and raring to go. Armed with my water bottle, I hop on the stationary bike and start pedaling with my ever active commentator's voice running in my head...

9:00 a.m. ow ow ow... how on earth do these padded seats manage to bruise your bum? They're padded! Squishy. With all the technology we have today, you would think someone somewhere could design a bicycle seat that didn't bruise your bottom. pedal ow pedal ow pedal ow. Alright, alright - distract yourself and think of something else. 

9:01:16 Seriously? My inner thighs are already burning? Oh, right! The trainer who programmed this for me thinks I'm Wonder Woman...let's just quickly knock that down a few levels.

9:13 Woo hoo! Look at all those empty treadmills. Yeah, Baby! (Funny the stuff that can excite a person who's trying to get themselves through a workout.)

9:15 I'm doing great! I'm loving this music. Who is this? Is it just me, or is it easier and more fun when you pedal to the beat? Do other people do this or am I just weird? Maybe this is why so many people have Ipods when they work out. Are they all just secretly running/biking to their own personal sound track? Maybe that means I need another gadget to charge and keep track of. Hey! I can alway's put it on my birthday/anniversary/christmas wish list. Dang. That list is really getting long. 

9:18 Why is that lady putting a sign on that treadmill? "Please do not use..." Bah. Ok it's no big dea...wait, wait, wait. Look ladies - the two of you don't need to be getting on the treadmills really. You look lovely and I need one in just a few more minutes!

9:19 Oh come oooooon! What is this?! The lemming parade to the treadmills?

9:25 GRAB THE WATER AND RUN, RUN, RUN!!! Ha! I snagged the last treadmill. Yay, me! How is that so satisfying?

My 20 minutes on the treadmill weren't as easy as yesterday. In fact, I had to slow down from my target speed and heart rate in order to protect my back (that's a whole different story for another time).  I was a little disappointed for a minute but then I realized I was really grateful that I'd noticed the warning signs before I had an actual problem. I have to thank Janette at New Motion Physical Therapy on Bainbridge Island for teaching me that awareness. (To be honest, there's a lot of people I need to thank.) I got to finish my workout since I didn't hurt myself and regardless of whether or not I hit my target heart rate/speed, something was better than nothing. Right?

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