Saturday, August 13, 2011


Today started out really weirdly. I wasn't sure if I wanted to post blogs on the weekend or not. Sometimes it feels good just to completely unplug. This morning, I sat down with an idea for a blog post, completely unsure of whether or not I would post it today. I was struggling horribly with making things work the way I wanted them to. Other events that I will spare you from, left me feeling very frustrated, down, and well to be perfectly honest, raw. Then we went around to my sister-in-laws for a cup of tea. 

She and her boyfriend made us a beautiful polenta cake with strawberries and cream. 
The graveyard with the chapel in the background seemed so serene and awe inspiring. Their lovely company reminded me how lucky I am. I truly feel blessed, no matter what the world throws at me. I hope you have people in your life that make you feel blessed too!


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