Monday, August 15, 2011


Have you seen the new milk lobby ads? Some people are really up in arms over them. Other's find the ads hilarious. I don't find them particularly funny or offensive but the guy in them does seem a little spastic to me. 

The ads seem to be based on a study from archinternmed that proclaim calcium and vitamin D intake are linked to PMS. When the ads were first released by the milk lobby, they also created a microsite called "" however, because of the reaction to the site, they've replaced it with

It's making for some interesting discussion around women and men relations but I'm more interested in the original topic because I'm all for reducing PMS. It's time for one of my confessions. Once upon a time, I heard a story about what exactly is in cow's milk. The "stuff" that bothered me the most was pus (has anyone else heard that claim?) That alone makes me shudder and increases my neuroses by one. I have no idea if it's true or not. But ever since then, I have approached it with caution. Last year, I had a naturopath and other health professionals recommend I avoid dairy. My understanding of it, wrong or right, was that for me, dairy was coating my intestinal tract with mucus and leading to malabsorption. You have no idea how hard giving up dairy was for me. I drank milk in my coffee, put it in cereal and let's not even talk about cheese.....(sigh) I love cheese. 

With time and lots of effort, I found a replacement for milk that all of my kids would drink. It was So Delicious Coconut milk beverage. Sadly, they don't have that here in the UK (at least, not that I've found.) So instead, we're using Rice Dream milk. It works in cereal but when it comes to tea or coffee I still cave to real milk. 

This report reminds me just how important eating greens, beans, and nuts is to our health. So I'm looking for inspiration. What are you making for dinner tonight? 



  1. You gave up dairy? God bless u! I could never do it! Never! Cheese, butter, yoghurt, ice cream...And cheese!Have I mentioned cheese???
    I'm not so fond of milk though! The taste of it makes me gag! I can only have it in milkshakes or with chocolate cereal.

    About the ads. I actually find them funny! I don't get offended by it, cause I know PMS turns most women into crazy bitches that have a problem with everything! The men who love us know that they have to deal with it, and they also know that everything THEY do is wrong!

    NO offense, Rach, cause I love America and Americans, but don't you think Americans in general find something wrong with everything? There's always a reaction about every ad, every statement, every movie, every tv show...I find it funny, cause usually in Portugal we just don't care. Any thoughts? Am I being unfair to the American people?
    I did say I loved the US and all Americans, right?

  2. I had given it up for awhile just out of necessity and now a day's, I only do it rarely and when I do - it's almost always for cheese!

    Yeah I didn't find the ads overly funny but I didn't find them all that offensive. This is where I think I fall more into a Portugal like category, in that I didn't really care about the ad either way.

    I totally acknowledge PMS for myself. I'm not one of the fortunate ones who doesn't seem to get very much of it.

    I do think American's tend to be very opinionated and we don't often have trouble with sharing those opinions. It probably is a cultural thing. Maybe I haven't looked in the right places since I've moved here, but I've noticed there isn't the same sort of participation on comment boards for some of the fashion mags online that there is in America. I think that's what has prompted me to start blogging more. I love participating in good chats about fashions, trends, and all things related.