Tuesday, April 2, 2013

They Love to Share

The year so far has been full of all kinds of surprises. But, not the "Lions, and Tigers, and Bears! Oh my!" kind of surprises, where I get fun trips to magical lands with loveable, talking creatures and I get to wear pretty ruby slippers and squash wicked witches by landing my house on them. No. These surprises are much grosser. I think somewhere, some supernatural force decided that my husband and I, haven't seen enough bodily fluids in our lives.  My kids can't seem to go more than two weeks without catching a new bug that makes them produce the vilest forms of ick, from any and every orifice they have in their body. And you know my kids. Being the generous loving souls that they are, they would never dream of keeping it to themselves. Because, that would just be selfish. Right?

My holidays so far have included having the flu on Valentines, chased by a fecal impaction for a child, a husband in South Africa for Mothering Sunday, with a side of snow, a bad chest cold and two bouts of stomach flu for Easter break.

Needless to say, it's been a blast. And now, I feel like running away. So do the kids. So we are! We hunted down a budget flight to somewhere sunnier and warmer than here and were gettin' the heck out of dodge people. Personally, I blame Pinterest. Maybe Pinterest is evil. It is so.totes.addictive and I clearly will never earn enough money to visit all the places it tempts me with on a daily basis. See?

And this is just a small taste! Gaaaaaaah! And what's worse? It's made me want to get "vacation clothes".....Cuz that's a thing isn't it? No? Anyway's, that means I end up finding cute comfy outfits I want to add to my wardrobe to take with me on my trip. 

This isn't a sponsored post in any shape or form. I think it's all the blues. It makes me think of beautiful tropical waters. 

What would your perfect island vacation outfit be?

*Clothing images sourced from Next.co.uk