Monday, August 15, 2011

Playtime revisited

Every time I turn around, I'm seeing stars everywhere from the red carpet to out around town, wearing jumpsuits. Sandra Bullock wore one to the premier of The Change Up, Zoe Saldana on the streets of LA, to Keira Knightley in Chanels ad campaign. 

Earlier this year, I saw jumpsuits termed as "playsuits" in their short legged form with spaghetti straps or strapless. Whatever you want to call them, they don't seem to be going away any time soon. On my latest ventures into the stores, I saw them everywhere. 

Ladies, raise your hand if you remember your mother ever putting you in a jumpsuit when you were about 5 years old. I'm not bashing on jumpsuits. They can look really fun, flirty, romantic, and downright sexy. 

Despite all of that, all I can think of every time I look at one, are those times as a kid, when I would have to go to the restroom in a public place. The restroom stalls in America generally seem to be larger than the ones here in England. Moving here has highlighted even more so, how traumatizing this would be for me personally. Those moments where you have to essentially strip down half naked in a public stall, holding up the top half of your outfit, while you hover above a toilet, getting the best thigh workout you've had all day so that you don't have to risk touching it, does not sound like my idea of fun. Forget about these feats of masterful balancing and clutching if you've been out having drinks with friends or family. How disgusting would it be to redress yourself, if you've made even the slightest mistake and the top half of your outfit has touched something? 

Or is that just me? Am I just too neurotic for these suits? Is the fashion statement worth the risk to you? I'd love to hear what other women think on this. 


  1. You are definitely too neurotic for a jumpsuit! And now I am too! I love them, though! I only have a cheap one that I got at a Chinese bazaar in Lisbon, but it looks so fancy...I would like to own more, but it seems that someone decided that every jumpsuit would only look good on supermodels. Seriously, they come in such weird shapes, that is hard not to feel like a big blue whale in them!

  2. lol, oh no! I've spread my neurosis like a virus. I agree with you that only models seem able to wear them well. I can't even bring myself to try one on though because I know, I will never be caught dead out in public wearing one. I mean, stripping down to my bra in a club or pub late in the evening just isn't an ideal situation for me.