Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Confessions, Perspectives and Observations

Jordan Blackshaw, left, and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, both pleaded guilty to using Facebook in attempts to fuel riots in Cheshire. They have been jailed for four years.

I have to wonder if four years of community service might not be a better option for rioters who weren't guilty of assault or greater offenses. If someone was sentenced to community service and they failed to fulfill their requirements, the courts could then fine the individual and have the fine directly garnished from the individuals wages. What do you think?


  1. I studied Law and have read about many cases like this. The truth is that sometimes the instigators are more dangerous or caused more trouble than an individual person could. I don't know this case, so I can't really comment, but I'd say jail is not too much for most people instigating crimes.
    However I agree that some of these kids would do better with community service.

    And how about that Portuguese food?

  2. Yesterday, became a very unfulfilling day as all the best laid plans came unravelled. I haven't given up hope but have accepted that I will probably have to wait until the weekend to try again. It's like Portuguese food has become my holy grail! Do you recommend the peri peri chicken that I see so heavily advertised? Is it a popular dish the way tapas and paella are for the Spanish?

  3. Oh,that's too bad!
    I hope this does not become an obsession! I could not bare the guilt!
    Do you mean Nando's peri-peri chicken (they actually changed the original piri-piri to peri-peri...)? Never tried it, but my boyfriend (the food Nazi) says it's a lame excuse for Portuguese food. That kind of chicken is quite popular in Portugal, in kind of a fast food way. It's not the most traditional thing though. But maybe it's not so bad! There's one Nando's in Dublin and it seems to be fairly popular. Maybe it's worth a try!
    However I believe it would be hard to find a great Portuguese restaurant outside of Portugal... If I find some recipe that doesn't require Portuguese ingredients I'll send it to you.

  4. lol, apparently most of the UK on the south coast has taken liberty with the spelling of it. I had no idea it was piri-piri. I've only seen one restaurant that I think isn't a chain (I'm not sure though) and even they advertised it as peri-peri. Is there a dish you'd recommend aiming for? I'm so excited! Sharing a recipe with me would also be very awesome!! My goodness, I've just about gotten giddy at the thought. You've brought a ray of sunshine into a very wet and soggy day.