Friday, August 12, 2011

And the Eye's Have It Part 3

Caiti's eye clean and fresh, ready to go

Boot's False Lashes, Ultra

Caiti's eye with the lashes, liner and mascara

Caiti agreed to be my guinea pig today. Thankfully, she's inherited my love of all things beauty related so it didn't take that much convincing. (Actually, she was begging me to do it :D) 

This was a really different experience to when we experimented with the individual lashes. We used Boot's cheap and cheerful Ultra lashes. The adhesive that comes with it is white and a bit runny. Previously, when we did our experiment with the individual lashes, the adhesive had been clear and fairly gooey. This made for some interesting moments of cleaning up. I had to ask Caiti to try to keep her eye closed while I gently pulled her lid taught from above to make sure I could apply the lashes right at the base. When you tried to adjust one end by pressing it in tighter, the lashes natural curve could mean that the opposite end would pop up so that's something to be aware of while you work with it. The glue wasn't that difficult to wipe up or rub off if you got some where you didn't mean to. While I prefer the clear, slightly thicker adhesive that came with the individual lashes, I like the overall appearance of these better. With the individual lashes, despite using all 3 different lengths that came provided, they could often look "blocky" if you used more than one of the same length near another. These Ultra lashes, with their criss cross pattern help achieve a more natural appearance. At least that's what I think. How about you? Do you have a favorite brand or style of lashes that you prefer to use? What about the adhesives?


Materials used: Boot's Ultra False lashes, Maybeline New York's One by One Volume Express mascara in black, Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour felt tip liner

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