Friday, August 26, 2011

Great Green Smoothie Goodness

I keep coming across mentions of amazing spinach smoothies. I'll be honest, that just sounded strange to me. What sounded even stranger, were people who were championing avocados as a great creamy addition to the mix. 

I did some digging and came across a really simple recipe. I've never been much of one for following recipes. Call it the rebel in me but it seems to work out alright. 

The recipe I started with inspired me to start out with roughly 1 cup of frozen spinach and 1 avocado puree'd with 1 cup of Cawston's Apple and Ginger juice. My version probably lost some of the nutritional value that theirs had but I'm all about working with what I have. 

I've tried this smoothie with fresh spinach and it's just as good. Several of the Cawston apple blended juices are also very tasty in it but I have to say I really liked the Apple and Ginger one the best. Toss in a chili pepper if you feel like adding some real heat. And since I was using juice instead of an actual apple, I added some ground flax seed to gain back some fiber. 

What I like about Cawston's juices: No added sugar, no sweeteners, not from concentrate, no colourings, and no preservatives. 

I'd really like an organic version of their juices if it were available but overall, this is a juice I don't feel that bad about drinking. 

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