Thursday, November 3, 2011

Danger Mouse Goes Shopping

{The only dry moment on my shopping hunt}

I was on a mission last month. Certain fashionistas challenge themselves not to buy anything new for a specified amount of time. I found the idea intriguing and I suppose it must've been a warning sign of a new side of me emerging. A side of me that actually likes a good challenge.

I went into this challenge all cocky. I've got pretty good self control when it comes to sticking to a budget and not buying a lot of things on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong. I wasn't cocky enough to think I could go 6 months or a year like some of the true heavy hitters. I mean come on, that's just madness. So, I set my bar rather low and aimed for a month. Alright so maybe I wasn't exactly cocky per se but I definitely had the swagger of confidence to do a month easily enough. Don't judge me. Everyone's got to start somewhere. 

I didn't count on learning this little life lesson though: Have you ever noticed that when you set yourself a challenge not to do something, all of a sudden it's all you want to do?  Or is that just me? This past month has gone by painfully slow as I "ooohhh, ahhhh" over shops windows crammed to the brim with pretty clothes, amazing bloggers highlighting their favourite fashion layouts in magazines from around the world, and blogs posting amazing street style photos. There may have been an occasional time or two where I curled up in a ball whimpering. Hey! Don't judge!

Would it surprise you that it gets cold in England during November? Before I left the States I shed most everything I owned to cut the costs of moving and that included my winter coats. Yes, apparently I lost part of my mind. Despite the unfortunate loss of at least a portion of my brain I think that sounds like a good reason to buy a new coat or two right? My fashion mags gave me some good insight as to where I might have some good luck finding things that could suit me. These are what I found from the House of Fraser:

{On left:CC Quilted faux fur as advertised on House of Fraser. On right: CC Quilted faux fur on me}

{On left: Kaliko Dark Grey Wool Coat as advertised on House of Fraser. On right: Kaliko Dark Grey Wool on me}

{On left: Linea Funnel Neck Swing coat  as advertised on House of Fraser. On right: Linea Funnel Neck Swing Coat on me}

Each has their pro's and con's. I wasn't crazy about the fit of the CC faux fur but I did like the way it looked. I liked the versatility of the Linea Funnel Neck swing coats collar. You could wear it up or down. Although the picture of it online doesn't have exactly the same silhouette as it does in person I still thought it was cute.  Both of the last two options are fabulously comfy and great for if you feel you're having a fat day.  

 Now I need your help. Love 'em or leave 'em everyone? What kind of a winter coat do you think is appropriate for this particular Danger Mouse to conduct missions in? Should any of these make the cut or should I just keep on looking?

For the record I accomplished all of this by slogging through miserable weather:

{yes, that white blurred blob over the building is actually the sun}

And after all of that, this is what I ended up with:

A hat people. A blooming hat. How? I have no idea. But now I have an awesome hat to keep my head dry on my many misadventures.

Rachel (a.k.a Danger Mouse) out,


  1. ooo U look nice :)) ;D

  2. Very funny!:)
    As you know I'm a fashion lover, but I'm also on a very tight budget, or should I say, on an non-existent budget... So, I'm a very conscious shopper. I only shop what I need and when my I need to choose from many fabulous things, I choose the most versatile, the one I get the best value from.
    So,they're all in kinda neutral colors, so that variable doesn't help. Moving on. The first one seems to be waterproof, or at least more water resistant than the other 2, which is very handy in England. It's also longer than the other two, which will keep you warmer. I also think it looks good on you! And puffy jackets are super trendy this year, which is also a plus! So, nÂș1 for me! Hope I helped in some way!
    I also love the hat! :)

  3. One month of not shopping is nothing to scoff at! I have to say though, it gets much easier as the months go on. I am not as impulsive as I was, and I really think about what I want before I even go out to look for them! :)

    That said, I really LOVE the blue funnel neck coat!

  4. Leonie @ The Signature BowNovember 4, 2011 at 2:47 AM

    I went for months without shopping when I was saving up for my move to Canada. But now that I am all settled and started having a normal income again, I can't stop shopping. I want one thing, buy it, and HOP the next item pops up. And of course, I 'need need need' and 'want want want' everything. It sounds a bit like an addiction, doesn't it? ;-) Well, I am blaming it on the cold weather. The idea of adding some new items to your closet just makes those darker days much better.

    By the way, I really like those three coats you tried on. Especially the middle one, love that side zipper.

    A "Thing To Wear"

  5. CC Quilted Faux Fur! It's not my usual style, but I think it looks awesome on you! Plus, I'm on a bit of a faux fur kick, myself.