Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Fab Miss B

Confession time. I am a massive sap who has a thing for everything wedding. My friend Lindsay is getting married next year and it has gotten me gaga over wedding stuff. And that's how I stumbled upon Becky Kazana.

First I found her blog and then I found her etsy shop. I was so enthused by her handmade wedding toppers that  I had to see if she'd let me interview her.

{image sources: Cardinal love birds and Loon love birds}

Q: How did you start designing cake toppers?

Becky: I had a dreadful time finding something chic and inexpensive for our wedding cake (ugh, those awful toppers with the bride dragging the groom to the altar!), and started dreaming up ideas in 2006! I did a vintage inspired pipe cleaner bride and groom with a flapper feel for our cake. The Love Bird idea came along later for my best friend Sarah's wedding. She and her husband are nature lovers, and so love birds in a nest seemed like the perfect fit. Soon I was getting requests and Becky Kazana was born!

Q: What are the cake toppers typically made of? How long can you keep them?

Becky: My toppers are made with faux birds generally used in silk arrangements. If treated with care, they can be enjoyed on anniversaries for years to come!

Q: What's influencing your designs today?

Becky: I am always drawn to whimsy, humor and color. I like to play with the line between kitsch and refinement, which is what my Love Bird wedding cake toppers are all about. They are funny, but still charming and never tacky. Vintage housewares always inspire me. There was so much great design at mid century, and it never took itself too seriously. It was accessible and unafraid to be quirky and different. That is what great style is all about; being bold and different!

Q: What are your top 3 favorite designs of the moment? I personally have a soft spot for the owls.

Becky: The Flamingo Bride and Groom are definitely my personal favorites- I just love their panache and they way their arched necks reference a heart without being too literal about it. The Loon Bride and Groom are another pair I get a kick out of since I grew up in Minnesota and that's our state bird. The Cardinal Bride and Groom are one of my perennial best sellers. Brides who choose that pair often have a sweet story about what Cardinals represent for them. One bride told me her mother cried when she saw them atop the cake since Cardinals reminded the whole family of a grandfather who had passed away. Stories like that make me feel so lucky to be part of people's celebrations.

Thanks so much for the interview! Your readers can find me on FacebookTwitter, and my Blog too! Mahalo & Aloha!

A big Thank you to Becky for allowing me to feature her on my blog. I hope all of you take the time to visit her blog. There are so many inspiring things for everyday living there. I really enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about her as an artist and writer. 



  1. What a small world! Becky and I work at the same school. I've even been lucky enough to get a sneak peek at her studio, she is very talented.

  2. Samantha ChallengerNovember 24, 2011 at 1:51 AM

    great blog post! i'm alo getting married and really enjoying looking at wedding stuff :)

  3. Many thanks for featuring me! It was so fun to chat with you. Hope you and Lindsay have a blast planning her big day!



  4. this is the cutest thing ever! I wish I had birdie wedding toppers for my wedding!