Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chelsey's Bakehouse

Chelsey's bakehouse literally lured me from Carlitta Monchitta's display with their amazing treats wafting through the air. I imagine, it was a bit like watching Yogi Bear whenever he sniffs a picnic basket out.

These were so good, I had to visit their site myself. I wanted to see what else they had because I'm a sucker for sweets. 

Don't they look amazing? Chelsey's is a great place to get cucakes, bespoke cakes, and cake pops. Yes, I said cake pops. They seem to be a really talented bunch at creating special treats that will help make your events just that touch sweeter. I know I'll be visiting soon with all the birthdays and upcoming holidays on my calendar! How about you?



  1. I am dying over that cupcake rose bouquet. God, I love cupcakes..


  2. they're so pretty! That rose bouquet looks so darling :)

  3. These look delicious on top of looking AMAZING.