Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting my Martha Groove on...

Have I ever mentioned that there is a question as to whether or not I'm schizophrenic? No? Well, OK. I'm not truly schizophrenic but sometimes I do wonder. I think there's this shard of Martha Stewart that got lodged into my brain somehow and given the right circumstances, she finds a way to hijack the rest of me from time to time. Thanks to the food centric posts of Amelia Pontes with her bacon and egg creations and BlackBlondeOne with her pumpkin double-layer cheesecake, (I mean seriously people - pumpkin double-layer cheesecake!!!) this weekend became one of those times. 

That small loaf was the culmination of part laziness/part mad genius. The recipe was a banana bread recipe from the BBC. I pretty much stuck to the recipe except for the caster sugar. I had/have no idea what in the world that is nor am I bothered enough to find out. Instead, I used Billingtons Natural Dark Muscovado Unrefined Cane sugar. What's the diff? No clue. When it called for Vanilla extract, I used Vanilla Bean Paste. Again, not truly sure how that might have impacted anything. I blended everything by hand because I have pretty much no electronics since our move and added chunks of 1 full bar of Montezuma's Dark Chocolate Orange and Geranium flavour.  Crazy good food for a sick and suffering soul. 

I'm desperate to try anything from gargling with garlic to drinking apple cider vinegar to shake this horrific mutant version of a British cold. Mangos and pomegranates caught my eye and my foggified brain grabbed on to them like a life preserver. I had some ancient memory of someone mentioning a mango salsa once upon a time so I whipped up my own version in the hopes that all those anti-oxidants and Vitamin C would kill off the viral beasties in my blood. Scrumptiously sweet and surprisingly filling but it was not a magic bullet.

And then I just threw in the towel and stopped fighting my inner Martha. It's coming up on Halloween and I was just invited to a party. I've gotta bring something to satisfy a ghoulish sweet tooth so I experimented with making these eyeballs inspired by a post over on BrooklynLimestone.

 And no matter how hard I searched all my fashion magazines this weekend, I couldn't find a single fashion spread with a model anywhere near food. I was hoping for a glamorous spread to incorporate but it just wasn't meant to be. 

What's feeding you lately? Have you got a little Martha Stewart in you?



  1. Thanks for the shout out! They all look delish. Your schizo comment made me think of United States of Tara. Have you ever watched it? If not, you should.

  2. Omg, the eyeballs cracked me up!

    So what do you mean by fashion spread that includes food? I have my own version of fashion spread with passion fruit and tomatoes, if you're interested?

    I definitely have some Martha in me. I just wish I have more time or more hands to do cool stuff! Yea, you can't win against your inner Martha, girl.

  3. ha! LOOOOOVED that post! You have a great blog... i like even more your blog's title!
    bisous marilia

  4. I loved your sweet comment. I felt like a lot of what you said could be something I had thought myself. Next year I'm moving to England, actually. London is my dream city haha. I've been to Paris and New York and nothing compares to London (in my heart, that is).

    Sometimes I feel the urge to bake and cook, I'd love to learn a lot more recipes but lately I've been trying to diet so it's been harder to experiment with food (especially when you want to stick with soup and plain salad).

  5. Hi!! Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment. As a Jewish woman we don't have a choice but to force Martha on ourselves...we have to cook so much!! These recipes look amazing!

  6. Ahh, everything looks so good! You're a talent, lady!