Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kate for Rimmel

Maybe you've heard by now, Kate Moss has designed a new line for Rimmel. It's supposed to have some fantastic reflective elements that will hopefully make you look just like Kate! (Just kidding. No claims are being made by them to help you look just like Kate Moss.) In this photo she's wearing Shade 001 which I think is a really classic fire engine red. Great for those moments when you need some real Va-va-voom! There are 7 shades to choose from. Are you going to try one? And just out of curiosity, does having a celebrity behind a product make you more or less likely to try it?



  1. I do not like Kate Moss, but the red lipstick like that! I really like! I have a red lipstick in my purse! Have a nice day!

  2. It really doesn't make a difference to me whether there's a celebrity behind the product or not. I buy the product if I like it and if I trust the brand.
    I like red lips, but they're so difficult...I only put on my red lipstick when going out with girls or something. Not appropriate to kiss the boyfriend...