Friday, October 14, 2011

Faux sure...

I've never been big on fur in my wardrobe. In fact, I haven't owned any since I was about 14 and I outgrew that rabbit fur coat that my Grandmother gave me. However, this past series of fashion weeks around the globe and some stellar spreads in some of the fashion mags have really got the little cogs in my head spinning.

The above images are Amber Anderson by Haicham Riad for Elle Belgium, October 2011
Styled by Anne Rabeux. The 70's trend is in full effect and for the first time ever, I'm finding myself infected. I'm loving the high-waisted wide legged pants I once swore I'd hate forever and I'm putting my own spin on them to try and keep it modern. 

I gotta keep it real on here and so I'll replay a series of events from last night for you. Yesterday, was a long and grueling day. At the end of it, my husband looks at me and say's "Oh's nose" (For some reason we have taken to imitating our 3 yr old's speech patterns when speaking to each other. So for those who don't speak 3 yr old language, that translates into "Oh no!") "We forgot to go to the grocery store. We don't have lunches for everyone tomorrow." And then we sit there staring at each other for a minute to see which of us will cave first and volunteer to go. It looked like we were just about at a stalemate when my husband, who I admit, is an extremely clever man, has a suggestion. "Hey! If you go, maybe you could get a treat for yourself..." 

Now, I knew what he was thinking. He was thinking, chocolates, flowers, a new beauty product etc etc...Do you know what I was thinking? I was thinking about those faux fur jackets I'd seen in all the mags and on the runways. I was also thinking about how the grocery store near me is one of those stores that carries clothes and that I knew I'd seen faux fur coats there. Annnnnd cue the evil mental laughter. So yeah - I volunteered to go to the store. Besides, I jettisoned just about every possession I owned to move overseas this summer and that included my winter coats. And, it's getting cold. Perfect justification. Hey! Don't judge me!!

Off I went, to ogle and grope me some fabulous faux furs and plan my own version of a sweet swagger filled 70's outfit. Really, I don't know why he still trusts me with a wallet or check book. And as I stand in the store, petting that stupidly soft fantastic faux fur, I see the price tag. I sighed quietly and let my attention wander over to the nearby racks of newly released fashion mags.

Argh! There! The incriminating evidence of what a good girl I am. Are you happy? Yeah. I guess I am too. I got some eye candy and managed to stick to my vow not to buy any new clothing for the month. I swear I'm going soft in my old age. And, I'm pretty sure that's why he still trusts me with a wallet and check book.

So, just out of curiosity, what do you guys think of the 70's trend? And what about the fur? Faux, real, or none at all? Is it just too Yeti like for you?


{images: fashiongonerogue}


  1. While I think fur looks beautiful, I'm still hesitant to wear it and support it. I completely understand the killing of animals for food because frankly it's what we're meant to eat and we get loads of vitamins that are essential for us to live. But I still can't understand why we would kill animals for their fur when we no longer need it. We can create synthetic fabrics that are just as warm, real fur is no longer needed in the fashion industry

    -Laura xx


  3. Love the look you've posted, especially the hat! I like your style!
    Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  4. Don't even get me started on fur. I've been a nutcase about it! I bought a fur evening bag, a vest, earmuffs. I still have fur heels (a la Alex. Wang), fur stole, and full-size fur purse on my list. Please help me before I start looking like a real-life bear.

  5. Love love fur! Faux fur that is! It's painful enough to eat them, let alone wear them!

    I'm a bit like you. My boyfriend trusted me with his card to buy clothes and all I came home with was November's Vogue and gummy bears...