Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cupcake Mania

Cupcake Ghosts in a Can

Trying out different treats for a little ones birthday party for the weekend, can be quite the experience. I learned what "caster" sugar is and "icing" sugar as well. I'm sure that will come in handy when I go to make banana bread again. Perhaps someday, that knowledge might even save a life.


Yeah, alright. That knowledge saving a life, might be a bit far-fetched. But, you never know! Unfortunately, though the cupcakes were tasty, they weren't something to write home about and while they were cute, I don't think a bunch of 6 yr olds are really going to care as they cram them in their mouths. So, considering all the pain and suffering, plus the mind melt that was involved in making these cute guys, I think I'll stick to a store bought cake this year and just plop that out for the kids. 

What about you? Would you go all Betty Crocker/Marth Stewart on them and whip up these guys or would you be alright with doing the store thing? Have you thrown a fabulous party for a 6 year old that you can share with us?



  1. THESE are lovely! I think you should go on ahead and do them! OOOR, just make the cupcakes (do box cupcakes to save time) and HAVE THE KIDS decorate them! You can show them a couple that you decorated yourself and then let them do their own. It's an activity in itself!
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  2. Ok, you are making me hungry. Those look delish!

  3. Um, those spider cakes are just about the cutest thing I've ever seen!

  4. Man that looks good - I shouldn't have clicked on here!

  5. Those are SO cute! I wish I had an excuse to make some fun little ditties like that... I especially love the ghosts peeking out of the can. Reminds me of Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street.

  6. Sooo cute and yummy! Reminds me of sesame street and that monster in the rubbish bins

  7. The cupcakes are super cute! I think the kids would appreciate them! You'r so talented!
    Unfortunately I don't have any bday party wisdom to share, but I will tell you that my 10 year old sister insists that my mom does the cake herself. I say "does" instead of "bakes" because it's not really a cake, it's a weird cookie dessert my mom made up! My sis loves to decorate it with "Smarties" and her friends always find it cool that she has a different cake! All this just to say kids appreciate when parents cook for their special day!

    About my twitter account. I do have one, but I never used it! If I ever start using it, you'll b the 1st one to know! Do you have an account I could follow? Let me know!;)

  8. awww this is divine- so cute! You are such a good mom and baker :) *drool*
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  9. those cupcakes in a ghost can look SOOO pretty.. and yummy! Great to connect with you. So glad you stopped by.

  10. cupcake ghosts= bloody brilliant. spooktastic even!