Monday, October 17, 2011

Creatures of Comfort

Left: Louis Vuitton 2012 Resort; Right: Celine 2012 Resort

Being ill is one of the most unglamorous, unpleasant ways to spend my time. I find it's not just a physical state of being but a mad mental experiment as well. I don't know about you, but I become one of the meanest babies on the planet when my nose is raw from tissue burn, my chest is sore from spasmodic coughing fits, and my skin feels like I have been set on fire. At these points, I seek comfort any way I can get it.

For some reason, when I entered mommy-hood, I let my night time wearables slip into oblivion. I'm now reduced to faded, holy t-shirts and if it's cold, I'll root around till I find a pair of sweats. Out of kindness and consideration of everyone around me and in an effort to distract myself from the mental torture that being ill is for me, I scoured the net looking for cues on how to stay stylish when ill. 

I found tons of articles with outfit suggestions and make-up tutorials. And while that might be great for the authors of those articles all I could think was, 'Oh, get bent! Seriously? Jeans? Blush? Wtf ever.' See? Meanest baby on the planet, right here. So I asked myself, what makes me feel best when I'm ill?

~ Pyjamas ~ 
~ fuzzy socks ~
~ hot teas ~
~ chicken soup ~
~ curling up into oblivion in the fluffiest comforter I can find ~

While the above images seem to be intended to someday filter down into the streets for people to wear as actual clothing (can't see that happening for myself,) I find them rather uninspiring for the sick person. Here would be my choices instead:


The selection is rather fitting considering what a baby I am when ill. I guess I just don't feel fabulously fashion forward when ill and need something that screams comfort, cheery, and somewhat uplifting vibes. If that makes me a creature of comfort, so be it. 

So what do you wear when you're ill? And what do you think of pyjama outfits as every day wear?



  1. These are wonderful! I'm the same as you though, usually wear old tshirts for sleeping.
    You asked if there is a tutorial for the dress on my blog. I didn't post a tutorial because I simply took a paintbrush and splashed fabric color onto the dress. Then I dipped the bottom into the remaining paint. Pretty easy and lots of fun. It made a big mess though ;) Hope this helps!

  2. Yessss - like minded budget fashionista - high five!

    I am also like you and I just like to wear something old and comfy! Plus a warm fuzzy rope. Chicken porridge, got teas plus a regal marie cookie are my go to when I'm sick!

  3. Hi Rach! Hope you're feeling better!:)
    I'm just like you! If I'm sick I'm gonna be wearing old comfy pajamas. No fancy stuff!
    And about that new trend of wearing pajamas outside...Makes no sense at all! Seriously! They're made for sleep and slacking not grocery shopping! I can't deal with people that think it's ok to wear them outside!
    Oh, I love the one in the middle! I'm so gonna put it on my xmas list!

  4. I'm with you on the mean baby thing. My poor husband, haha!

  5. Great post! Love the way you write. When it comes to being cozy at home, I never go for a stylish look, just for a comfortable (and perhaps cute) outfit :-) As long as it's comfy! Topshop always has a great collection of funny and cute PJs - they can definitely brighten up a 'sick day'.

    To The Max(i)

  6. Seeing that my nickname is Lmo, I need those jammies. I'm with you, I just want big loungy clothes and to be warm. Everything else can just bug off.

  7. I used to be an old t-shirts to bed kind of girl, but once I discovered the wonder of button down pajamas, all of that changed. They don't need to be Louis Vuitton or Celine (although it wouldn't hurt) but they definitely make you feel better when you're under the weather!

  8. Even if i'm not ill but have had a hard day, I tend not to reach for the glass of red wine, but fleece, from head to toe, fluffy socks, fluffy dressing gown, brushed cotton PJs and light my woodburner. Then I have my two puddy cats and a hot chocolate. Then I am sorted :D

  9. i felt like you're reading my mind as i read your it is i'm currently in the same state you've descirbed,i find it best to curl up with a thriller to read and a mugful of hot milk.i like bright coloured sweats and warm stuff:)