Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Fashion WTF Moment...

{Photo: Miller Park Zoo}

Every now and then I come across some fashion items that make me do a double take and then ask "Wtf?" The necklace above is kind of cute - but then I found out, it's actually made, from Reindeer poop. 

"The dung is dehydrated, sterilized and sprayed with glitter and then sold as “Magical Reindeer Gems.”  According to The Mother Nature Networkin 2009, the Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, Ill., made nearly $21,000 selling this reindeer poop jewelry. 

{Photo: Andrew Schneider}

Would your nice long days at the beach be totally ruined if your iPod lost charge? Never fear! Andrew Schneider designed the perfect bikini swimwear with photovoltaic film panels and a USB connection so you never have to worry about being tuneless again. 

{Photo: rpencore.com}

Do you find yourself in need of a rat coin purse or pigeon feather necklace? Check out Reid Peppard, a vegetarian and designer from London who didn't want the bodies of animals to go to waste. 

For more unusual fashion designs taking eco-green designing to new levels, check out The Mother Nature Network. As for me, these styles take things just a little too far. ;)