Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What my husband says about Fashion...

All photo's from thefashionspot.com

As an internet based spectator of all the NYFW shows, I get to shuffle through all the beautiful images as they become available. All the images above, are from the Thakoon Spring 2012 collection. My husband sat down on the couch next to me, and said, "What the heck is that?! Why?....I mean, just why would you want a model, modeling your clothes, to look like that?"

It was then that I realized I no longer looked at the models on the runways. I was only focusing on each outfit as I flicked through the images. What I'm about to say, might sound like heresy to another fashionista and for that, I'm sorry. But, when a designer puts extreme hair or bizarre make up on their models I find it often detracts from the outfits which to be honest, is all I'm really interested in. If I simply take in the model from the neck down, the above outfits are really neat to me. They're colorful, ecclectic, different, and something I can see myself wearing. If I allow myself to take in the full person in any of the photo's above, my attention is drawn to the outrageous hair or odd hat. And I'm just going to go out on a limb here, admit I don't get it, and most often ignore it. 

What do you think of all the extreme looks designers subject models to? Have you ever seen a collection where the make up or hair was so extreme, that it turned you off the entire collection?



  1. I disagree, I feel that it is a fashion SHOW and so there should be a theatrical, dramatic element to really separate it from a showroom or catalogue. Rather than detract from the outfit, I feel it reinforces the overall sensibility and/or concept behind the clothes.

  2. I agree that it should be a show, beyond a doubt. When I was in school I was very into theater and showmanship and I've always loved hair and make up. I jumped at any chance to work up a look that really fit the character and the moment. Sometimes, the looks that designers come up with really work for me visually and fit with the feel of the clothes such as Chris Benz's designs which Nicolette Mason covered so beautifully @ http://www.nicolettemason.com/2011/09/big-hair-florals-and-chris-benz.html

    Other times, I don't get the cohesive feel that the designers intend of some of the beauty looks with their collections. I definitely don't think there should be an absence of a look, I just don't always understand how the chosen look fits. That's a reflection of my taste though and not a slight on the designer. I really appreciate the 3D drama and beauty we're getting to appreciate.