Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is probably the weirdest post I've done so far. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo but let me explain. I was out and about, taking care of things when suddenly - I lost my mind. No one is safe any longer.

I saw this pregnant woman just about ready to pop, standing there, minding her own business and here I am, the nutter standing nearby, whipping out my cell phone and snapping pictures of her toes. How looney is that?! She had no idea. (You kind of have to love how everyone is so used to seeing people operating a cell phone they never get self-conscious about their photo possibly being taken.) So to the poor woman who I am blatantly posting a pic of - I'm so very sorry. You have my deepest apologies!

Now to the point of the post. Can you see the details of her pedicure? I was IN love with her flipping pedicure. I adore the little silver dots on that black back drop. This pregnant woman, I see her fairly often, and she is always dressed stylishly. Pregnancy is definitely not slowing her down. Even right down to the cheeky little designs on her lovely pedicures. 

And now I'm curious, how many of you have pedicures that are something like this? Would you be willing to wear a pedicure like this or is it too much? And would you DIY your own, get one of those lovely sets at the drugstore that you can just press and lacquer on, or would you go all out to a salon and have it done? Can't wait to hear some of your thoughts!


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