Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to Winter Basics

Another one of my marvelous misadventures this weekend has led to the funeral of my favorite ivory pants. They were one of my winter staples. Seriously, I almost shed a few tears. They're just flipping trousers but I know that I will never find another pair of pants to fill that void. Ever. What's worse, is I got them a few years back, had them tailored so that the label was removed and therefore I have no idea who made them, and I know for a fact the store I got them from, stopped carrying them because I tried to go back and buy them in every color they had only to be told they had been discontinued. Ack!

But on to happier things. While I know that I will never, ever find anything that comes close to replacing my favorite pants EVER, I can at least have fun looking for some. Coincidentally, over the weekend, The White Company catalogue showed up in my post box, unrequested. Being new here, I'd never heard of this company but was really loving the sort of basic necessities they had in it for fall wardrobes. 

All the clothes seem to have just a little something to pamper yourself with. Maybe it's o.k. to splash out the tiniest bit on a piece or two if it's a quality piece that you can get a lot of wear out of. These were some of the pieces I really liked as foundations to some winter outfits. What do you think? Do you ever splash out a bit for a quality piece of clothing or do you keep it cheap and cheerful? (Notice how there isn't even one pair of trousers in that selection? Goodbye my lovely ivory trousers!)


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  1. I'm sorry about the ivory trousers! I know how it is to lose a special pair of trousers!
    On the subject of quality vs quantity, I usually go for quality. I'd rather have a great piece that lasts a lifetime than 5 that last a season. I'm always like that with shoes (cause I'm so picky), but now I can only afford cheap things, but not in great quantity, so no more quantity vs quality dilemma for me! A 10€ top here and there. €30 jeans when I really need them.And that's about it! I got a Zara t-shirt for €25 and I still feel guilty!Oh being poor sucks!