Thursday, September 29, 2011

Home Is Where the Heart Is...

{25 Beautiful Homes: Feature Nicky Owen/ Photography Mark Bolton}

There's this fabulous fashion blogger over at The Signature Bow. Her outfits are always cute, her photos really great and she takes the time to connect with her readers. Her last post about Autumn and Kitchens, got me even more nostalgic than I usually get around this time of year. Now, I find myself picking through online interior design sites and even picking up amazing mags like 25 Beautiful Homes.

There is so much inspiration when it comes to modern minimalist design but my kid intensive hectic lifestyle just doesn't sit well with it. Whenever I've incorporated that chic modernist minimalism into my decor, I find stainless steel appliances covered with finger prints (and goodness knows what else), and white walls and cabinets forever marred by tomato sauce splatters, oil stains, and the hallmark yellow stain of turmeric sauces thanks to our love of Indian food. I took some time to collect my favorite kitchen designs from the featured homes in 25 Beautiful Homes. Some of these designs were accomplished with thrift scores and bin salvages. It's as if they were going right after my heart!

{Feature Victoria Metcalf/Style NV - Photography Rachael Smith}

{Feature Victoria Metcalf/Style NV - Photography Rachael Smith}

{Feature Renée Green - Photography David Giles}

From the largest spaces to the smallest, there is style, flair, and obvious touches of the owners personalities throughout. What do you guys think? Do you like any of these or do you prefer the more minimal modern look? (And if you do, and you have kids, PLEASE share your secrets with how you keep it looking beautiful!) If you want to see more of these fabulous homes, make sure to pick up your copy of 25 Beautiful Homes!



  1. she is cute,like her outfits

  2. what amazing place...*.*

    xx, Rachel :)

  3. Love places like these, but they're so hard to clean...I'd rather live in a less cluttered environment!
    I think the trick to keep it modern when u have kids is to use materials that are easy to clean, like leather sofas. With kids I'd also forget about carpets. The floor is easier to clean and has less dust, which is healthier.
    Loved her blog! Thanks for showing it to us!