Monday, September 12, 2011

Gone with the Wind

Have you ever had those blue arrow images on one of your weather forecasts? (Minus the sad face and border?) I haven't. I have lived in a lot of places and had a lot of different symbols thrown at me but this one is a first. It's not a hideous symbol worth a ton of concern. What it has turned out to be for us, is gale force 10 winds (whatever that is) all throughout the night. 

I don't know why, but ever since we moved here, I can't sleep if the window isn't opened. There is something really nice about having that fresh, crisp air while I'm snuggled up in my comforter. Unfortunately, that means that on a windy night the curtains get blown or sucked through the window. The metal grommets screeeech their way across the metal curtain rod, and I, who am a light sleeper, wakes up. I get up, close the window all but a crack and go back to sleep. The gale force winds are so strong, they manage to force my window back open. (Face smack, sigh) This time, I give up and close the window fully. I try to dive right back in to sleep but now, I realize someone has left the bathroom window cracked and it is howling like a great banshee. 

A quick trip to the restroom to rectify the bathroom window situation, took me near enough to hear one of my children having a nightmare. Undoubtedly, the wailing banshee sounds probably had something to do with it. The next couple of hours are a blur as I tried to help soothe the nightmare troubled child and I wandered to and from my own bed, to their bed side, and held myself in many uncomfortable positions to comfort them back to sleep. 

Finally, as the sky was lightening, my husband joined the fray. I lay back in my own bed, close my eyes and am aware that all the strange things floating through my head are the onset of a dream which I'm really grateful to be having. And that's when the alarm went off. 

I don't know about you, but when I don't sleep much or have a hard time sleeping in general, my mood goes right down the toilet. I'm unmotivated and cranky, my head hurts, and I have the patience of an infant. Just out of curiosity, what does sleep deprivation do to you?


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  1. The wind here is crazy as well, which in a city full of trees is not such a good thing! Last year someone died IN MY STREET after being hit by a tree, so I'm planning on staying home today!
    I hate going to sleep, I feel like it's such a waste, but when I sleep, cause I actually need to, I love a good heavy uninterrupted sleep. I don't mind not sleeping too much, what I mind is waking up a 1000 times during the night! That's what kills me and totally destroys my day. I get cranky, lazy and hungry. I don't even count the headaches, cause I seem to have them all the time no matter how much I sleep!
    (Last night was one of those nights, so today is gonna be one of those days...)