Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Version Of...

Remember those picks from the Paul Smith collection that we talked about a few days ago?*  I love fashion shows because they can be so inspirational. What I love in particular, is the use of dark colors with the brighter happier colors. It seems like a perfect transitional look from warmer to cooler temperatures or vice versa. I loved the color pairing so much from the Paul Smith collection, that I got curious about how hard it would be to find things and create it as a fall look for now.

With that in mind, I decided to do a little mining on the internet and these are what I came up with:

H&M shirt: £34.99, Top Shop Leather front Tee: Price: £50.00, Dorothy Perkins Wool roll neck top: £15.00, Dorothy Perkins Short sleeve top: £15.00

Top Shop Velvet Trim Boucle Jacket: £65.00, Dorothy Perkins Cobalt Blue Jacket: £49.00
Torquoise Belted Trousers: £17.00, Aqua Peg Trousers: £10.00
Teal and brown platform loafers: £42.00, Teal T-bar bow pumps: £23.00

There were tons of stores that had lots of stuff in these colors, but Dorothy Perkins had the most options by far when we're talking one stop shopping convenience and affordability. From £97 and up, you could completely pull off the look and there wasn't a single item priced high enough to make me want to wretch, (although the leather front tee from Top Shop did come close. What can I say? I'm cheap :D).

What do you think? Would any of these pieces work for you to recreate Paul Smith's look? Do you ever try to recreate a look you see on the runways for less?


*Paul Smith image from Style.com


  1. i want that leather front shirt from topshop! so great! nice collage :-)

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  2. I really do love that wine palette, anything wine/maroon is instant love! Followed xx

    plasticshutters.blogspot.com - please give it a glance!

  3. I buy Dorothy Perkins Cobalt Blue Jacket: £49.00 :) it's great :)

  4. @SymbioticLife - I painted nails. Then I painted lacquer snapping. I like colorful nails:) Thank you for your comment! :)

  5. @SymbioticLife - This is great, the designs are interesting. I am glad that you like! :)

    See this entry too : http://amethyst-pl.blogspot.com/2011/07/pekajacy-lakier-pierre-arthes-shg-p.html

  6. You can buy :



    this is shatter nails :)

  7. I like it ! :)show results on the blog!

  8. Yes, I'm always trying to recreate something that I saw on the runway, the last time it was DSquared2! hahah As a good brazilian, I love colors and those colors together are amazing!

    Thank you for the advice in my last post, you have reason, I always paired those pants with dark shoes. At this time I decided break the rules I get some color in my feet hahahaa

    Your blog, you... are so inspiring!


  9. I have "Dorothy Perkins Cobalt Blue Jacket: £49.00 " in my blog :)))) ;)