Monday, September 5, 2011

My Son's Stories

I have learned first hand, how easy it is to forget those things that we adore from our kids when they are young. We age, our memories fade, and eventually we can forget. 

My son has an amazing imagination. It's something I want to be able to appreciate forever.  Everyday, he creates a new story with me so I decided to celebrate them by putting some of it here. When I get the chance, I try and do a little illustration with them for him. Here's the beginning of today's tale:

....Once upon a time, there was a girl named Carowyn. She looks to be about twenty years old but we can't really be sure how old she truly is. Where she comes from, there is no measurement of time. 

One perfectly warm summer evening, Carowyn went out to pick some flowers for her wedding to Prince Winchester. Little did she know the flowers she picked were from a tree of souls. With each flower Carowyn picked, the ground beneath her feet began to soften just a little bit more. Before she realized what was happening her feet had begun to sink into the ground below. Soon, a giant black hole swallowed her up. 

When Carowyn awoke she was in a strange land. The flowers from the tree were still clutched in her fingers as she looked around her new surroundings. Funny little cottages sat squatting on the horizon when suddenly.....

Your turn. What do you think happens next? I'll let you in on some secrets of our version. There were sails of silk, on magical land skimming boats that were captained by the mad magician Jordan, moon goblins and orcs that came out to fight on full moon nights, and massive cheese shortages that rocked the kingdom. 


  1. Miss that guy. Love his imagination.

  2. It's great that you son has such an imagination! And that's amazing! You're very very talented! Maybe you and your son should get together and write children's books!

  3. Thank you Diana! I'd e-mail you to thank you but blogger is being a real treat and malfunctioning so it won't let me msg you. I'll let him decide some day if he'd like to ever try to publish his stories. For now, I'll just collect them for my own greedy clingy purposes lol.