Friday, September 16, 2011

My Son's Stories

My son has no notion of fashion weeks around the world and continue's to make up some wonderful tales. So I don't miss a thing, I've jotted it down, worked on an illustration for it and am now sharing it with you just as before.

The Mad Magician Jordan's rubber decked ship scooped Carowyn up just behind her knee's, and sent her bouncing along before unceremoniously dumping her at Jordan's feet. 

Jordan had barely blinked at her arrival. Instead he kept his bright green eyes fixed on some distant point of the horizon. 

"If you wanted a lift to the Palace, you only needed to ask." Jordan spoke without looking away from the horizon. 

"A ride to the Palace? To Prince Winchester's Palace? Wait. A ride? What are we talking about? What is this thing?" Carowyn's mind was still bouncing and skipping just as her body had, trying to keep up with things that seemed to be slipping by all too quickly. 

"Prince who? And you speak as if you've never seen a land rover before. Careful!" Jordan's long fingers quickly closed around the petals of a flower that escaped from Carowyn's fingers. "You wouldn't want to lose one of those now would you?"

Carowyn gently took back the small blue green flower that almost seemed to glow. "It's just a flower. I was collecting them for my wedding to the Prince. Surely everyone for miles around has heard about it."

Jordan's heavy peaked brows raised only slightly as he looked at Carowyn for the first time since her arrival. "Flowers?" With a small sigh, Jordan removed his wand from a pocket Carowyn hadn't noticed in his flowing robes. "Haltiminium Momenicus." A quick flick of his wrist  and Jordan's wand was once again out of sight and the land rover glided to a stop. "My dear, those aren't flowers. They're souls. Only a guardian can even see a tree of souls and it is a guardian's job to nurture and protect those souls. If those souls aren't soon grafted to a tree of their own, their light will fade and the souls will be lost in the void."


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