Friday, December 16, 2011

For The Kids Inside

Crayons for adults. What could be better?

 Crayons by Heli Hietala 

Need a snack? How about a Crayon Food Bar?

Crayon Food Bars by Luxirare

Each crayon is made from actual foods. The foods are broken down into powders, pressed into crayon molds and have actual nutritional content listed on the box. Be warned, the colors are labelled by actual color and not by flavor. 

And for the jewelry addicts? I've got something for you too!

Crayon Rings by Timothy Liles

{images via designboom}


  1. Oh so cute! I've seen the crayon rings before but the others are new to me! I confess I'm a major coloring book addict! I remember being in high school and coloring with my best friend while listening to hard core rock music! No joke! I'm such a kid!:)

  2. I like the rings. The food crayons freak me out a little.

  3. you find the snazziest things, Rachel! I love those (are they Davids?) crayons!

  4. I want them all! I never knew those things even existed. Crazy! Well, I hope you are feeling better. I hate being sick. I don't know if it's because we are women, but I feel like even sick, we still have to keep on going. No breaks for us.

    Keep warm...drinks lots of fluids...and watch a lot of TV.

  5. My old company actually sold the crayon rings. I always wanted the luxirare glitter ones too. As for those people crayons....I think I would feel like a perv using them. Maybe I'm just weird. Also, the post made me think of our convo of when we discussed how to pronounce the word "crayon." Crown. All the way. :)

  6. Hi dear!

    I'm already in London - I've posted day one already - I'm so tired too...
    But I'm so completely and blindly in love with this city!

    I really like the idea of crayons for adults, they're so cool. I just wish I had a reason to buy them and use them. I'm more of a writer than a drawer or artist.

    Take care love*

  7. Stunning blog keep doing it!

  8. AMAZING. What an incredible way to feel all grown up and like a little kid at the same time.

  9. wow these rock!! They'd make awesome Christmas pressies!