Saturday, December 31, 2011

For the Coffee Connoisseurs

I went to one of the upper end grocery stores and as a treat to ourselves we got a few items that I thought I'd review as we get to try them. First on the list, Clydesdale 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

We brewed ourselves our first carafe of this special treat this morning here's the breakdown:

Pros: Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is known for its distinct balance of aroma, body and acidity. This one in particular stays true to its advertising and really does have a mellow sweet aftertaste.

Cons: The price. It's as simple as that. This 4 oz package was 7.99 gbp. This was a really lovely coffee but at 2 to 3 times the price of my regular coffee choices, I can't say it blew my socks off.

Summary: This is a great gift idea for people who love coffee that's mellow but for your everyday morning cup of joe, I wouldn't pay that kind of price.



  1. I don't think I've tried Jamaican coffee. I live in Kona coffee country (best coffee in the world!) and still have to pay $20us per lb. It is worth the price, I must say. What kind do you normally drink?

  2. I do love Kona coffee. Sadly, its been too long since I've tasted Kona. I think this one would cost about the same as Kona by the pound. Since we've been here in England, we've done something unthinkable and started drinking instant by Clipper or Kenco. Instant coffee is massive over here and on those rushed mornings when we're trying to frantically get everyone out of the door it's happily ingratiated itself with us. Instant coffee seems to be so large here that it means there are plenty of choices and exploring them has been interesting. Moving from the Seattle area where coffee was king, has meant this has been a huge shock to our systems. When we have the time to brew ourselves an actual carafe of coffee, we fully take advantage of it and splash out on something special for ourselves. And, that's how this post was born. I hadn't even seen anything like this in my local stores until I found this. I couldn't resist it's temptation. Yay! Real coffee hehehehe. It makes me giddy.

  3. wow...very interesting...
    Happy New Year,my dear!


  4. You should probably just come to Brooklyn and get yourself some Kona coffee. 8 oz for 8.99 US. You'll thank me later!

  5. 100% Jamacian Blue is BOMB! but very very expensive! Just like pure Kona coffee is a treasure so is Jamacia Blue!
    Cute post, cuz I'm a coffee nut!