Thursday, December 29, 2011


Studded suede ankle boots

I can't help it. I want them. I know they're stupidly expensive. I know they're 5.5 inch heels that I would probably kill myself in. But, they're
If any of you happen to see a pair fall off a truck and are feeling particularly generous, let me know. 

{image source here}


  1. If i see one anywhere, i will took them for you! :)

  2. I'm really into ridiculously embellished heels right now, so I think these are perfect! I could never wear them though; I can barely walk in kitten heels!


  3. Ok, if you buy those oh-so-pretty shoes, can I kindly stole them from you??!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha
    You have reason, the are amazing!

    Rachel, my dear, I'm really feeling me good here, in Genoa. Not only because of the place, but because I can be near of my fiancé! I have one week more, after that i come back to the reality: work work and work! It is the life!!!!

    I hope you can enjoy every moment of this New Year! It would be great to meet you someday... who knows!!!! Thank you for any word, you give so much support to me! I'll never forget it!!!


  4. Uhm, and me too, please. I wear 7.5 or 8. Thanks! :)