Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Belly Bustin' Books for the Holidays

Everyone, meet Lindsay Moore from Black and Blonde One, aka Miss Lips. She's full of sass, lots of fun and she's got some great recommendations for holiday readings.

When Rachel asked me to do a guest post on her blog, I was thrilled!  When the topic of books came up, I was even more pleased.  I actively started making a list of my favorites throughout the years and I found one common thread; I like reading memoirs of homosexual satirical men that have hysterically dysfunctional families.  My favorite authors? David Sedaris, Simon Doonan, and Augusten Burroughs.

Now, I have no idea what this says about me.  Maybe you have an idea?  I just know that reading is fun, but laughing while reading is even more so.  Take a look into my favorite books from each author.

David Sedaris
This is a tough one.  I honestly love all of his books, but the one that stands out the most in Naked.  It chronicles his life growing up, stories about his mother mocking his OCD-type complexes (he shines his coins), being friends with his blind aunt, and even hitch-hiking across the country.  It's full of vapid tales of adventure all while bringing out the light-heartedness in every situation.  You will be thankful you have been spared some of the insanity that he's conquered in his life.

Simon Doonan

If you don't know who Simon Doonan is, you're at a loss in life.  Seriously.  He is the creative director at Barney's and is in charge of merchandising all of the windows.  He has a twisted sense of humor and style, which is exactly what makes him brilliant.  Above you will see a clip of his hilarious nature.  Bookwise, my favorite is Beautiful People: My Family and other Glamorous Varmints.  It details the love for his ultra-glam mother Betty (of course), his crazy grandmother Narg (a nickname), and his schizo uncle that all live together.  The book is all about his pursuit of a fabulous life, by whatever means necessary.

Augusten Burroughs
Running with Scissors is probably his most well-known book for a reason.  It is a sardonic memoir on his life growing up with a literally psychotic mother, an absent father, and a psychiatrist and his family.  It sounds like a modern day Brady Brunch, right?  The stories detail living with the psychiatrist and his animal-like children, befriending a pedophile, and playing with electro-shock therapy as if it were a toy.  It's all kind of messed up, but in the best of ways.

What are some of your favorite books?


  1. Great lipstick! =)


  2. Congrats on being featured! Isn't it great to be asked to guest blog? Actually, I wouldn't know the feeling, but I imagine it to be an honor. LOL

    I'm looking for a book to read on my Nook and since I LOVE Amy Sedaris, I should check out her brother, David. Naked seems like a book I would like.

  3. Go LMo and Rachel! Love this:)

  4. I'm a 1900's novel kinda a girl, so I love Jane Austen and a Portuguese author named Eça de Queiroz. He's brilliant and my favorite ever! I also love George R.R. Martin, who is a fantasy author with a great imagination and beautiful writing!

  5. wonderful and interesting post...
    I love Hemingway and Palahniuk.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear Rachel!!!


  6. Yay, I love you both! Great post. I really like David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs, but I'm reading a book of Nabokov short stories over break. Can't wait!


  7. Haha I love this! Thanks for sharing all of these authors, some of the books I've heard of but I've actually never gotten around to reading them! I'm a big classic girl, one of the biggest lit nerds you could ever meet really. East of Eden is my all time fave if I had to pick one!

    Alexandra xo


  8. Awesome ideas i find here every time i visit you!


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  10. Love your posts and whole blog :)