Thursday, February 17, 2011

For the Birds

Are these the best photo's? Not so much. In all fairness though, these weren't so much meant to go up here on my blog. I took these photo's to show potential shoppers the bird house that I'm selling in a sort of  "virtual yard sale" on a locally based board. I decided to post these here as a reminder for myself after the interest people showed in it.

I have to give credit to my step-dad too. The painting on this bird house was partially inspired by him. He's an artist and being around him was always very motivating when it came to any art I felt like tackling. The rest of my inspiration came from the area we live in throughout the seasons. The front in the first picture is spring, the second picture are the mountains here in the winter on a starry night, and the last picture is one of the local beaches during summer. I've never been to another beach in the world quite like the ones they have here. Selling it, is making me feel very nostalgic. Isn't it odd how the little things like this can make you feel like that?

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