Friday, May 20, 2011

Lunch Time Delight

Here's my humiliating confession for the day. As a kid growing up, I never in a million years would have thought I'd fall in love with Red Chard. Where was this leafy green vegetable my whole life?! My love for this leaf, is so intense it's just about embarrassing. Now for my second embarrassing confession for the day. I'm feeling ridiculously lazy and have done as little as humanly possible all..... day.... long. Preparing lunch became a scavenging hunt as I stared at my nearly bare refrigerator and pantry shelves. And that's when inspiration struck!

Staring at those nearly empty shelves with nothing but left overs on them left me with a mostly picked clean roasted chicken, a handful of black kalamata olives, some herbed goat chevre, a handful of soaked prunes (don't ask), and five full leaves of red chard. I ended up washing the chard, drying them and laying them flat. I removed all of the red stem below the green leaf and spread the chevre down the center. I split the black olives in half lengthwise and laid them out flat on the cheese. I fished one soaked prune out for each and spread them across the top before adding the chicken. With a little added salt, I wrapped the leaves up like a burrito and I am thrilled to say, "YUM!" Oh my GOODness! I was so excited by the whole thing I had to come share it.

And now, I sit back full and content, able to continue my laz-a-thon. Please, tell me I'm not the only one on the planet that has days like this?

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