Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blurring the Smoothie line

So, this is not my normal preference when I'm posting about some dish I've made. I like taking a picture of the final pretty product and putting that on display for everyone to see. This mess that you see is all that was left after the kids had their first taste. Since this passed the pickiest eaters test, I thought I'd share this mix I stumbled on. Some of the ingredients are going to sound pretty whacky but health is really important to me for my family. Combine that with the picky eater from hell that is my youngest son, and it becomes my own personal challenge to slip whatever nutrition I can to him without him knowing.

1/2 cup peanuts
1 tablespoon grape seed oil
coconut water (to desired smoothness)
1 tbsp soaked flax seed
2 tbsp slippery elm
1 tbsp Acacia fiber
1 inch aloe vera leaf
2 bananas
coconut milk
Chocolate chips

Blend the peanuts, grape seed oil, slippery elm, acacia fiber, and flax seed in a food processor. (To soak flax seeds, just put them in a small bowl with some water overnight in the fridge. It turns into the goopiest slime you can imagine but it's got tons of health benefits.) Add small amounts of coconut water to your pseudo peanut butter until it reaches it's desired creaminess. Open the aloe vera leaf and scrape the clear gel from the inside and throw it straight in with everything else. Chunk the two bananas up and add them to the peanut butter in the processor and blend. While the processor is running slowly add the cold coconut milk until you reach the desired thickness. Pour into your server of choice, be it a bowl or a glass and top with a handful of your favorite chocolate chips. It was such a hit with my boys they almost licked their bowls clean. 
Mange and good health everyone!

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