Monday, February 14, 2011

Portabello Package

This dish was inspired by three of my favorite celebrity chefs, Emeril Lagasse, Guy Fieri and Giada De Laurentiis. If you're not in the know, we're a gluten free family. We found this fabulous GF bakery nearby but it turns out that they use pectin and yeast in all of their breads so, sadly, we're once again without bread. I've been desperate for dishes with buns or breads and after an evening of watching several cooking shows, I was obsessed with the idea of this dish. It turned out sooooo tasty!

1 portabello mushroom, de-stemmed and cleaned of all gills, per person
1 annaheim pepper per person
2 slices of roast beef (or your favorite lunch meet)
Fresh seasonal greens to your liking

Can you get much simpler than that? After cleaning the portabello mushroom up and lightly brushing both sides with extra virgin olive oil, I grilled it lightly. I removed the seeds from the anaheim pepper, and cut it from top to bottom so that I could lay it out flat on the grill. I brushed it with the extra virgin olive oil and grilled it lightly before stacking it straight on top of the portabello mushroom. Throw the lunch meat on the grill and get it nice and warm to top off the anaheim and portabello. I finished it all off with salad greens that looked too lovely to pass up in the store. It was super tasty just as it was, but I had a flash of further inspiration and added some Wholly guacamole and some home made tomatillo salsa. It was out of this world. If anyone else has had any fun dishes they've been inspired to make lately, I'd love to hear them!

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