Saturday, December 1, 2012

Philip In Under Four Minutes

After making a video for my son Liam
on his birthday and seeing how much he enjoyed it, I knew I had to do one for Lil' Phil. Phil loves his video games. One of his favorite games is MineCraft. When he saw CaptainSparklez's parody of Gangham style set to Minecraft, we had true love ladies and gentlemen.

Happy Birthday Lil' Phil!


  1. Ah ah He's so cute!:) Really loved the bit where he dances.Such a talent!:)

    Happy birthday to him!;)


    Diana from

  2. Awe, Little Phil...he is so cute! I cracked up from the song. It's such a catchy beat. He has some sweet moves! he has to teach me some. Cute video!

  3. You've got adorable chitlins, Rachel! Happy birthday to the adorable lil Phil! I have never heard of minecraft before, but uhm. smashing blocks? I like.