Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Dash to Dublin

My husband recently had to go on a business trip to Dublin and on a whim, I decided to join him. It was just a quick dash and back but it was really fun. 

There's tons of history, culture, and entertainment in the city but the highlights for me were definitely the food and shopping. 
 Unfortunately, (cough-cough) there may have been some wine involved so I don't have a lot of details for the few photo's I grabbed with my cell phone. If you'd like to see the full sized photo's click here

The places I remember with particular fondness for food were The Green Hen, the V'n V inside the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, and the Eden restaurant. Buyers beware though, you may have to take out a small loan to eat out regularly in Dublin. Each meal averaged 85 € for two people.

As far as shopping, I'm not sure how to convey the sheer joy I experienced on Grafton Street. For someone completely unfamiliar with it, it was truly a shopping paradise. The buskers on the street added so much fun to my spending spree. I walked from area to area, listening to really diverse, talented musicians. 

What adventures have you been on lately?


  1. Oh you were here? When? Glad you liked the Dublin. It's a very nice place to spend a few days.

    I've never been to any of these restaurants but let me tell you there are a lot of cheaper options or else we'd be broke by now.

    I also love Grafton.It's truly amazing during Christmas time. :)

    And how awesome is it that we get to tag along when our men have business trips? :D


    Diana from http://thegirlwhocouldntbeafashionista.blogspot.ie/

  2. I came to Dublin mid Oct. I considered contacting you all stalker-y like and going HEY GIRL! But I thought that might have been a little short notice since I hadn't even known I was going till the last minute. Glad to hear there are cheaper options to eat at because that was INSANE. But I have to admit, the foodie in me LOOOOOVED the cuisine. It blew my mind. We were going off recommendations found on TripAdvisor. One place we went to make a reservation at, wanted our credit card details over the phone to hold our table. That's where I drew the line.

    I hope my husband has lots of business trips I can go with him on. It's just too fun.

  3. I love that picture right in the center, the colors are beautiful. I wish I had a job where I could travel a little. I wouldn't want to be on the go ALL the time, but once in a while would be fun I think.

  4. Well, I wasn't here in October, but I would have loved to give you some tips. Don't be afraid to stalk me if you ever come back to Dublin or go to Portugal. I'd love to show you around or give you some inside information.;)

  5. Sorry for the dreary weather at your end. Actually, it's bleak and blah here too, but not as cold as it normally is. AND at least you went adventuring! I am drooling over all the yumminess and gorgeousness of the foods!

  6. OH MY! So lucky!!! I've only been in the Dublin airport (which is amazing, btw) and from what I can see, Dublin looks so beautiful. Lots of green (and this is from the girl that lives in Hawai'i!). I want to go back and actually experience it. I'm going to keep The Green Hen and V'n V in mind.

  7. I would love to go there one day! The food photos you have are to die for! Just divine!
    xxxx dina from www.spikesandstuds.blogspot.com