Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank You

These past holidays provided so many reasons for my family and I to say "Thank you" to so many people. Being a part-time minimalist, I often take advantage of sending e-cards, but then there are a few friends and family where e-cards just aren't applicable. Sometimes, it's for those that belong to an older generation who don't use e-mail or computers; other times it can be that special someone who loves collecting sentimental notes. I broke out the sketch book and set to work using mixed media. Keep reading to see the final product.

{Click on the image above to open and print if you'd like to use it.}

I don't have a fancy printer so I adjusted the color and sharpness values. I used one of the wonderfully helpful printing tutorials provided at Red River Paper to make sure I got it to print like an actual card. Once I had my print out, I pretended like nothing existed outside of folding the print out horizontally. I recommend a good straight edged ruler to place horizontally inside the middle once you've gotten the edges of the card together. It helps create a sharper fold more easily. Please feel free to use my card if you'd like. I recommend using a card stock with a weight greater than 250 gsm. As always, I love feedback, constructive criticism, comments, or just friendly "hello's".

Happy New Years everyone!


  1. It's beautiful! Happy New Year's <3

  2. You are AMAZING! I love how it turned out! and it's so simple yet striking. Minimalist chic to the max. I hope you and your family had a lovely holiday and are starting out the New Year right. Thanks so very much for the lovely comment you left in my last post! You are so right-- despite the crap that life throws us, we should always really be thankful for the support given to us. And I'm lucky too to have that. Thanks thanks thanks for being so lovely!