Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To Do Or Not To Do...

The Mo'Club

I went to The Mo'Club in Southampton this weekend for a friends birthday party. They advertise themselves as:

Moroller is the fun, friendly and 21st century version of the roller disco.

Pro-skater or beginner - come on in!

Join over 200 skaters at the mother of all roller discos here at The Mo'club - the perfect club for the roller disco.

There are no photos to our fabulous night out and for those of you who are visual addicts like myself, I apologize. I'll keep it brief since there are no pretty pictures. 

In summation: Great idea, poor execution. 
Need more explanation? Arrgghhh. Ok. Fine ;)

There were people of all levels just as advertised. What isn't advertised is that those who are "Pro-skater" level, will proceed to weave their way in and out of everyone else, at break neck speeds, doing crazy maneuvers. This is also a bar so after lots of alcohol even the Pro's are face planting. It can't get any sexier than that. As the evening progresses the Pro's get super friendly as they face plant and to make sure that no one feels left out of their crashing, burning blazing train wreck of a night, they take everyone else down as they go. I guess they want to make sure they're not lonely in the emergency room. 

This is where you ask: "What could they do to make it safer, more fun, and an overall better experience Rachel?"

And this is where I say: "Funny you should ask. I've had a few thoughts."

~ Let the DJ have more control over the skaters. Change up the direction of skate more frequently than every 3 hours or more. It's really tiring on one leg to be skating in the same direction for that long. Tired muscles mean lazy muscles. Lazy drunk muscles mean accidents. Disclaimer or not, a good lawyer will find a way to sue them at some point. 

~ Expand the skating area. This place is ridiculously small for that many people. Especially when you mix up complete beginners with amazing Pro's. 

~ Give the different level skaters chances to own the floor. Besides, it'll force the groups that aren't on the floor to entertain themselves by buying ridiculously overpriced drinks. 

Conclusion: Despite not being able to use one of my arms since Saturday because of a "Pro" after several hours of them drinking alcohol, I still class this as a "To Do" if you're in the Southampton area. Just make sure you wear protective knee and elbow pads, and take lots, and lots, and lots of cash for drinks because even the sodas cost as much as a small mortgage. 

After all, even royalty is doing the good old roller disco these days! How about you? Do you roller skate or go to roller discos for fun? If you do when was the last time you went and where are your favorite places to go?

{images of Kate Middleton from here}


  1. Oh how fun!?! I used to love to roller skate. There are always those jerks that want to outdo everyone and make a spectacular of themselves. Glad you had fun though! Drunk skating....should be interesting!

  2. OMG, you MUST take me there! That sounds like so much fun!!!! We don't have roller rinks, but we have an ice skating rink. I know weird, right...Hawai'i has an ice skating rink. I always feel weird telling people that I've skated on ice before, only because I have to explain about the rink. LOL

    The atmosphere is very similar to Lucky Strikes. Have you been to one? If not, it's like a night club mixed with bowling. It's a lot of fun.

  3. OOOH I havent roller skated in YEARS like since middle school. Sounds like a lot of fun, but I would be so intimidated with the PRO's skating everywhere with their super duper moves and reverse and back! Yikes. Alcohol and roller skating really shouldn't mix either. At least you went!!

  4. I was a total old foegie about the whole thing and only drank soda. I don't think I'd been on skates in about 200 years or more and didn't want to kill myself and other innocent bystanders because of it. It was totally fun though.

  5. Ok the fact that there's an ice rink but not a roller rink just seems soooo bizarre lol. Someone needs to point this out to someone with some investment money somewhere so they can build one? Oooooh wouldn't it be cool if they built one that had an indoors area and another section that was out doors with a view of the ocean??? This was such an ~awesome~ work out. I was using muscles I'd forgotten I had. Well worth having some fun with.

    I've never been to a Lucky Strikes. Sounds very cool though.

  6. It was totally fun. An amazing work out as well. If you want a way to *SHAZAM* yourself into magnificent shape for your wedding - totally recommend this. And those jerks that wanted to outdo everyone? OMG. I would've minded less if some of them (I think the majority of them) weren't actual EMPLOYEES. It was an employee that hit me so hard that I was literally flying for a minute before crashing to the ground. Thankfully - I landed on my arm...waaiiiit a minute. Considering I've only regained 80% of my range of motion and it's only ~slightly~ excruciating to type and it's Wed, maybe not something to be all that thankful for. I still had fun though lol.

  7. I don't think I've roller skated since elementary school! I'm proud of you for giving it a try.. I don't think I would have been so open-minded and willing.

    And, yeah, as a future lawyer, I'd say that having booze there is a bad idea.. lol.


  8. I have NEVER EVER been to one before because (shame face) I don't know how to roller skate at all. Pathetic, I know. But I have some ridiculous fear of heights even if I am only a few inches off the ground. Ok, I may be overreacting. I can't balance either, but hey, I wanna have an excuse to wear sequins and glitter casually.

  9. Nothing to be ashamed about at all. There were several people who attended this event who had no idea and no experience. It was 100% learning curve for them all evening and they ranged from their 20's - 30's. If you ever get the guts to learn, go with someone who already knows. It's not as hard as it sounds and it's a fabulously fun work out which is the only type of working out you're likely to get me to do. ;)