Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What makes you OCD?

This book has been the focal point of my life for the past couple of weeks. With my move to the UK, I need to jump through some hoops to get a more appropriate visa. You know, so I can do things like go to the doctors office, work, and live life in general. In order to do that, I have to pass this test. There are only 24 questions on it and I need to get a 75% on it to pass. Some of the information in it is just common sense while other parts of it are random statistical madness that no UK citizen would ever know. But none of it, has anything to do, with anything FUN! Omg, it drives me crazy. Nothing has had quite a snoozifying affect on me as much as this book has recently. 

I've also been pulling my hair out, looking for the charger to my camera! What on earth have I done with it? Did I leave it in America?! Ugh. C'est la vie. So I have purchased another and am waiting for it to be delivered because I have some great pic's I can't wait to get off my camera for everyone.

Did I mention a test I have to take to get a different visa? I might have. It's kind of dominating alllll of my thoughts right now. The test is this Thursday and I keep doing the practice questions in an obsessive kind of way as a way of managing my anxiety. Oi. I'd forgotten how ocd tests make me. What do you do when you have a test coming up? Do you obsess like me or just wing it? I always hated those kids in school who could wing it and still make an A.

P.S. Got any good test taking tips? Please share them!!! Pray for me, do a ritual to help me pass, do something - ahhhh!!!

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