Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome to Europe

When you see this photo you may wonder why I took it. It's not a particularly great photo, but let me set the scene for you. It was a baking hot and beautiful day in Bournemouth and we were starving. We headed over to a beach side cafe to grab a bite to eat. We sat out on the patio to continue enjoying the fabulous weather and as you can imagine, the beach was absolutely heaving with people. All of a sudden this train comes by randomly tooting it's horn and I thought it'd be a great little memory and tried to snap a shot with my cell phone. All of a sudden, this fellow comes lumbering, in his shirtless wonder, straight into my shot. The reason I remark on it, is not because I'm at a beach setting and I'm seeing a guy without his shirt on. It's because this phenomenon doesn't stay contained to the beach areas. There are men that seem to just randomly wander the streets shirtless, no matter what part of the area you're in. There are naked kids running around the beaches and teenage boys changing from their swim suits into regular clothes, where they stand, on the beach.  In fact, this poor unwitting guy in my photo is dressed rather conservatively considering there are some men, in mankinis. It's nothing horrific but for this stereotypical American, it does take a little getting used to. How are you enjoying your summer so far?



  1. Hey Rachel!

    I just checked your blog to see if there were any updates on the move! Looks like you are enjoying yourself. You made me laugh with your comments about nakedness there! Its a whole different world huh??! Miss you and those cute little guys. Hope you are settling in well!

  2. Hiya Nicole!

    It is indeed but we're adjusting. We miss you too and hope you're doing well. Our stuff arrives tomorrow! Woo hoo!!!