Thursday, July 15, 2010

A New Dawn

Photo courtesy of Nicole Bond

It looks like the gray rainy days of our unusually long spring are fading and the sun.....the beautiful long awaited sun is finally here. With the tide out, it felt like we could walk to and from Seattle across Puget Sound.

The weather was so beautiful I took my work outside and made a good bit of progress on one of my latest pieces. I'm still stuck with my chain maille. Hopefully, I'll take it to Amy Margaret Kapphan who has more experience and she can give me some guidance. She does some amazing work and has a shop on etsy. Definitely a must see to all of us who are into anything handmade. Amy happens to be one of the most killer talented artists in the area. I met her while visiting my local go to spot for supplies, Beads of Bainbridge.

I'll be getting some more photo's of the place to give you guys a peek of the store inside. What I really love about the store, is the quality of their merchandise. It's easy enough to order supplies online or go to a large nationwide chain store and feel like you're getting a "good price" on your supplies, but it's often hard to get a feel for the quality of the items. I've never been disappointed with the quality of any of the supplies I've gotten from here. The store doesn't mark up the prices enough to warrant large scale discount sales. The work areas are another appealing quality to the store. The staff and owners are knowledgeable, talented, creative and helpful. If you're in the area definitely take advantage and visit them at 162 Bjune Dr SE Bainbridge Island, WA.  They carry a lot of work done by the local artists so if you see something you like, you can always take home a piece of the Island with you. I'm hoping I can convince Miss Amy into letting me feature her on the blog. She's amazing! 

Alright everybody, time to run! Enjoy the sun!

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