Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Because Summer Is For Road Trips

Summers go by so fast for me. Keeping kids engaged and occupied is paramount. It can be exhausting because no matter how much energy I seem to have, they have more. Way.way.WAY.more. That's why I've begun strapping them in the car and hitting the roads. If there aren't pictures, there's no proof. So here they are...

Old Sarum in  Salisbury, Wiltshire

There was all kinds of Celtic Warrior fun at Old Sarum. They're always throwing some sort of special event. The ones in summer seem to be particularly kid friendly. There was leather making, battle tactics, and obvs no event is complete without a little face painting.

It's amazing how far down the road a bag of junk food snacks, can get a large family. Cue Cornwall:

Pendennis Castle in Falmouth, Cornwall


My apologies to the unwitting victims that landed in my photos below. It's no easy task to photograph this place. The Minack Theatre is just too amazing not to share though. 

The approach to the theatre.

The seating terraced out of the cliff face.

The beach below the theatre.

The Minack is a must see if you're in the Cornwall area. Pictures and words can't do it justice. And finally:

 Mission accomplished.


  1. Aww, that last picture is cute. The Minack Theatre looks awesome! I'd never even heard of it :X

  2. Yeah, I worried for a minute they looked like they were dead and that my "mission accomplished" might be perceived as having successfully killed my kids. But they're not and it wasn't!

    The Minack has an actor that plays the role of the gardener that helped create the place. Every now and then he gives a really entertaining performance about the Minack's creation. Supposedly, it's in the film Love Story from 1944. My pic's don't nearly show this place off like it deserves. There were cast/crew of the new play that was being set up, all over it, passing down props, lighting, and all kinds of equipment daisy chain style. Plus tourists. It was a great place with a great energy.

  3. Look at your kiddos all tuckered out! How cute! And wow-- you take amazing pics, Rachel! I'm kind've envious that my summer doesn't involve Celtic face painting. I WANT.

  4. Your sons look so adorable! My parents used to take me on road trips out to the desert or to the beach to tire me out.

    I wish I could visit all these places one day. It looks so beautiful.

  5. They really are a sight to be seen. I hope you get a chance to visit
    them as well. There is a wildness in the area that made the beauty seem
    just that much more precious.