Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fashion With A Fever

I have the Flu. This is not a bad cold or severe allergies, but the truest of the true Flu. With that in mind, as I sit here burning up with a fever, I'm going share my latest fashion obsession with you. The denim shirt dress.

This obsession started because I tried one on and was surprised at how great it looked on my overly curvy figure. It was super disappointing to find the dress had a defect and they had no more in my size. While I've been bedridden and trying not to drown in the used tissues that surround me, I've been obsessively scouring the net to try and find another one just as awesome. Here's what I've found so far: 

Free People dress
G Star Raw dress

Let's talk about why I was so hesitant to try something like this in the first place. Once upon a time, there was some inane comment made, by a snarky individual in my life, about large women wearing a lot of denim. It wasn't a pleasant experience and it left it's mark on me. I want to say something profound here about societal pressures to conform, body image, self acceptance, and fashion but the flu fog has pretty much limited my abilities. So I'm going to sum it all up for myself with, if you like a denim shirt dress, find one in a style that fits your body, makes you feel good, and forget the rest. 


  1. I like that Free People one a lot. I've never been in a Free People store before. My friends is obsessed and since she's about 1/15 my size, I just kind of figured there would be nothing for me there. It is nice, though!

  2. lol that's ok. I often end up having to edit my replies. My brain is often running much faster than my fingers and I end up leaving stuff out. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it! ;D )

    I'd have to say that size limitations is one of my biggest gripes when it comes to Free People. I can honestly say that the majority of their clothes don't fit my size which is a shame because I like so many of their designs. I also think a lot of their designs would look beautiful on larger women in general. I think that's the sign of honest good fashion design. Why they don't carry larger sizes, from a business stand point, is beyond me. I still haven't found that "perfect" shirt dress. If you see any, think of me and shoot it my way won't you?

  3. I hope you get better! I hate the flu or any form of sickness. I really love the 7 For All Mankind dress. It looks chic and rocker-ish. At the same time, I can see the dress with a nice blazer and it instantly becomes acceptable for the office. Well, maybe I would add some tights....depending how cold the office and how short the dress is.

  4. Hope you feel better soon - real flu sucks (had it once & pray never again).

    And your last sentence summary is awesome and very true.

  5. Thanks Fern! My tonsils only feel like tiny gravely deposits today instead of the boulders they were so I think I'm on the mend. woo hoo!

    I have definitely landed in the camp of wearing what we like, ignoring the "rules" people come up with for everyone else, and just enjoying fashion as we are.

  6. Thanks Jen. I still feel like road kill and am sleeping more often than I'm awake at the moment but I do think I'm on the mend.

    I would agree on the tights (maybe leggings depending on how cold) and I'd pair it with a really soft over-sized cashmere sweater.

  7. I love, love, love that Free People shirt dress! I think you're totally right: it's all about finding something you feel good in that suits your body type. I tend to be suspicious of any blanket rules that are like "X type of people should never where Y."

  8. Your posts still are so thoughtful, even if you have The flu! I hope you get better as soon as possible!

    I was missing you.


  9. I don't like denim very much, and I'm not into shirt dresses. Yet somehow these all look amazing. I love the utilitarian but proper look about them. I do hope you recover quickly from your flu!

    May the force be with you.