Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Looking for Joy

I woke up this wet, gloomy morning from a nightmare. I've been a mom, a cleaner, a chef, and an office admin. None of that's done anything for my mood. It was definitely time for me to get down to doing something that brings me joy. 

What brings you joy?

Mediums: watercolor, pen, photoshop


  1. Because you're the only one in control of YOUR happiness! :) Do it, girl. Make yourself joyful! Right now, what's bringing my joy despite the icky weather and the uncertainty in the horizon is doodling and crafting. :)
    ps. I sent your letter off a few days ago! Finally!

  2. Makeup obviously brings me joy, lol. And drag queens, yup. Haha. Hope you find some things to lift yourself back up!

  3. Oh and I love love the hair on your drawing :)

  4. Thanks Cassy. I felt much better after painting a bit. And obvs, I love make up since it's just painting on my face. :D What's not to love about that?

  5. Woo hoo! I'll keep my peepers open for it. I think it's super important to incorporate joyful activities into our every day lives. I bet it helps us live longer. ;)