Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lipstick Parenting

My love of all things beauty related goes way back. I was one of those girls who combed through all the big women's magazines searching for the latest and greatest looks, miracle products, and special "it" products that would make me look my dazzling best. I somehow managed to stretch my morning ritual to an hour and a half (and that was on a good speedy day), to get ready for school.

And then one day, I graduated, moved out, got married and started popping out babies. As I had each kid, I spent less and less time putting on make up, taking care of my skin, or pampering my hair and nails. As my children have slowly gotten older and gained more independence, I'm slowly wading back into beauty/make-up land. I realized that somehow, parenting had sucked enough "me" out of the picture that it left me without a single lipstick or lip gloss. I don't even know how this happened people. That discovery left me dazed and confused until I found myself in the make-up department of a large store. I was so excited I was practically foaming at the mouth as I looked for the perfect versatile day to day lipstick and gloss. Forgive the cruddy lighting here. I'm figuring this out as I go. Consider this a lesson learned - bathroom mirrors and cell phones don't necessarily give the greatest pictures!

There's the final poorly lit result. I'm wearing Mac's fast play and Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss 436 Capeline Abricot. 

 Mac's Fast Play goes on very matte and dry. For me the positive to this is how long it seems to stay in place. It doesn't end up leaving a lipstick ring around my lips while the rest of it wears off. I hate that. If I want it to go on a bit smoother I pop on a little chap stick before hand but it's definitely not as long wearing if I do that. 

DiorAddict's Ultra-Gloss 436 is interesting. I love it's sheerness and a little bit goes a really long way. It makes me feel like I'm getting more value out of it than I expected. There's a really lovely gold shimmer to it that my camera phone just couldn't capture. Plus, it smells a bit like bubble gum to me.

My final better lighting shot for you guys.

Who knew parenting could have such a debilitating effect on my lipstick or my make-up bag in general? What I really want to know is what are your favorite go-to daily lipsticks?


  1. It's you! And you're adorable. I think this combo is really awesome on you. My favorite day to day lip color is MAC Plink! though I kind of hate it for literally having an exclamation point in the name. It makes me seem more excited about it than I necessarily always feel. I also don't know what Plink! means, but I like to pretend it's like the game Plinko from The Price is Right...

  2. Thank you Cassy! Ooooh I went and looked at that Plink! It's pretty. Does it have a gold shimmer to it built in? I'll have to take a look at that once I'm done with this one.

  3. Awe...you are so pretty! I love that color on you too. It's not too dark and not too light. To me, it's the perfect pink color. I really like MAC lipsticks. I especially like the matte lipsticks like Ruby Woo or Russian Red. I, too, find it to be a tad drying, but it stays put. I haven't tried DiorAddict's Ultra-Gloss. I just can't bring myself to pay that much for a lipgloss, but it's always on my x-mas wish list. LOL

  4. It's more of a frost than a shimmer, but not so frosty that it reads old lady or bad trend from the past. I got mine when I did a Back 2 MAC (trade empty MAC containers for free lipstick? Yes please!)

  5. I love this color on you! It looks so delicate, sweet,and feminine!

  6. This MAC shade is fabulous on you!!!! It's got that nice almost nude color to it, that goes really well for daytime looks! I love how you've topped it with that gloss-- the sparkles really draw you in! I definitely have been wearing pinker shades now that I have my hair green. I think it just looks better than if I wore nudes. Speaking of colored hair, are you gonna take the plunge? YOU MUST!

  7. Mac's a great go-to for lippies. They always have great long lasting formulas and colors which make me feel like I'm getting a good value for my money.