Monday, May 7, 2012

Starz, A Contemporary American Diner

For a Star peppered American Dining experience in the Bournemouth area, Starz might be just the diner for you!

All the Hollywood icons adorned the walls in this lovely diner. They've got a great menu to select from.

One meal is not enough to judge this place on. The ambience is great though and the food is tasty. As far as "authentic American" I'll hold off on my rating for now and give it an "I" for Incomplete. I'll definitely be back and will fill you in on the results. 

What are your favorite places to eat?


  1. marina di guardoMay 7, 2012 at 11:11 PM

    it seems to be a wonderful place!
    great suggestion!
    thank you for your kind comments, your opinion is so precious to me!
    a big kiss, my dear friend!

  2. One of the last times my childhood friend came to visit me, he asked me to take him to the restaurant that has the, "most random crap on the walls." Starz looks like a classier version of that, lol.

  3. whooooooa. I love the ceiling! Incomplete??? What? did the macaroni have no cheese? Did the burger not come with fries?
    I love eating at this one old cafe that's in an old newspaper building. They have all the old ceiling/light fixtures and decor still up so it's soooo very pretty. And the food is yummy too!

  4. lol - usually places like that rock. This is a good place. I'll definitely be giving it another go.

  5. Ok, I almost gave it a solid C+ or B- because what I ate was good although not what I expected and the muffin was really the show stopper but I got hung up on the "American Diner" concept. It's got great ambience and decor for the concept but the cuisine didn't convince me it was "American". I've lived all across the country and visited almost 90% of the parts of the US that I haven't lived in. And to top it off - I am a total foodie. I'm not ruling out it's Americaness yet. I'm just not convinced of it being there. The dish I had seemed like an innovative spin on an English breakfast to me. So I'm going with the "I". ;D I'm going to give them more opportunities to convince me though.

  6. American diner? You must be so excited!