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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Holy Freakin' Yum Y'all

I found myself in Poole the other day having an AH-may-ZING lunch at R's Kitchen

Mushroom and holloumi on brioche with a gravy that will blow your mind. I have a slight addiction problem when it coms to mushroom and holloumi. If it's on the menu, I have to try it. This one at R's Kitchen is right up at the top of the charts for me.

Apple cake with fresh cream. I couldn't have asked for a better way to cap off this lunch.

I would happily recommend this place for anyone that finds themselves in the Poole area. Have any of you tried any tasty mushroom and halloumi dishes lately? If so, spill the beans!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

And Then There Were Mushrooms Everywhere

I was wandering around the internet early this morning and came across an article heralding all the wonderous benefits mushrooms have and how healthy they are for you. The article didn't list their sources of information,  how they were good for you specifically, or how to prepare them to get the most benefit from them. I get funny about things that call themselves informational articles that don't actually contain much information. The topic tends to hijack my brain. I get all geeky, hit the books, research like mad, and then my brain gets so full of whatever I've gotten obsessed over, it explodes and I'm left with something like mushrooms falling straight out of my head. If you want the low down on these little nutritional jewels, read on!